Mobius iVibe™ for your smartphone

Put a vibration expert in your hand... for just $3.99! 

Mobius iVibe™ is a new application for your iOS or Android mobile device, providing you a virtual vibration analysis expert in your hand.  While diagnosing machine faults, iVibe provides an easy way to look up machine fault conditions based on spectrum symptoms and machine types.  You’ll see sample spectra, explanations of faults, and explanations of how to diagnose fault conditions.  

With iVibe, you can:

  • Select from a list of symptoms and drill down to find machine faults
  • Select from a list of machine types and drill down to see the likely faults
  • Select from a list of fault types and drill down to see sample spectra.
  • Or just scroll through 80 spectral images.

When you see a spectrum, you can swipe up and down to see other similar spectra, or swipe left and right to see a page of details, and a page of diagnostic information, and suggested additional tests that helps you to confirm that diagnosis is correct.

Get iVibe today:

Download iVibe from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  To find the iVibe application download, simply search on "Mobius iVibe".  If you would like to read more information first, you can download the Mobius iVibe brochure at the link below.

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Mobius iVibe

Download the Mobius iVibe brochure here by clicking on the link below.
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